At Esperer Nutrition, we build novel nutrition for clinical disease management. We believe in creating a Nutrition-conscious Planet.

We at Esperer Nutrition strive to champion the role of nutritional therapies that have proven clinical, health and economic value. We aim to understand, treat & help prevent a range of medical conditions by leveraging nutrition and life sciences. With special emphasis on Onco-nutrition, we intend to provide a 360-degree solution right from preventive oncology, all the way up to cancer disease management using nutraceuticals. Esperer Nutrition also aspires to become a global pioneer considering drug-nutrient interaction as an important factor in chronic disease management,

EON Therapy


Preventive Nutrition

Supportive Nutrition

Founder & CEO Desk:

Raktim Chattopadhyay

As per recent global nutrition report more than 1.9 billion adults are overweight, and 41 million children are overweight or obese globally, raising the risk of dying from heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some cancers. Malnutrition comes in many forms: under-nutrition, obesity or being overweight, and micronutrient deficiencies. Combating malnutrition remains one of the greatest global health challenges. Overconsumption of sugars, sodium and saturated fat can contribute to dietary and health problems and to increases in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Reducing consumption of these nutrients can contribute to improving public health. It is estimated that more than one in three adults aged over 50 are not receiving their minimum daily protein requirements globally.
In order to be well-nourished, individuals need access to sufficient, safe and good quality food. But focusing solely on food security is unlikely to solve global malnutrition. Esperer Nutrition team relentlessly working to impact to build nutrition conscious planet with its innovative immunomodulatory research formulations.
Promoting nutritionally adequate research formulations for all consumers are overall efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of populations and foster social and economic development.
I wish enormous success to all stake holder of “ENORMA” team to build much needed Nutrition sensible society.

Promise & Purpose

Esperer Nutrition Consumer Health (CHC)

“Adult Medical Nutrition Therapy with an evidence-based scientific approach to treat & manage relatively untapped chronic conditions like NCDs with customized solutions to cater to unique consumer need gaps, which will help maintains internal stability through its patented research”
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